The City of Victor Harbor, like many other regional towns has developed around a central business district, commonly known as “Main Street.” Victor Harbor’s Main Street is Ocean Street. The area has been the focus of business activity for around 120 years. Many of the old stores and shops lining the street are run down and dilapidated. If the area and adjacent streets are to survive and attract regular customers, tourists and holidaymakers, concerted efforts and programs will be necessary.

The Council is committed to supporting and improving the Main Street Precinct as an integral part of the areas economic and tourist potential; as identified in Council’s Town Centre Master Plan. To demonstrate this commitment, and assist owners and traders in upgrading and maintaining the Main Street Precinct, Council has created a Main Street Precinct Facade Grants Scheme.

The Scheme

The Main Street Precinct Facade Grants Scheme, is a monetary fund set aside by Council to provide subsidies for owners and/or Lessees who own or work in shops and trading places located along Ocean Street, Coral Street, Albert Place and Victoria Street through to the Torrens Rd Roundabout.